Nagatinskaya Poima park

A skating ice rink with an artificial ice covering and green lighting from the Solartia Group was opened in Moscow in January 2012.

The skating rink, with artificial ice covering, was opened in Nagatinskaya Poima Park in Moscow. It is remarkable that it is a first ice skating rink in the capital equipped with Solar Former lamp post. These lamp posts are made by Solartia Group and shall illuminate the territory with the help of solar panels.

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin, has evaluated the quality of covering and illumination. The Mayor promised that by 2013 there will be around one hundred of such skating rinks in the city, and as a result, no thawing weather could disturb the winter holidays of Muscovites. In the Nagatinskaya Poima Park it is possible to skate even when the air temperature is as high as plus 10°C. This new amusement centre, with smooth artificial ice, is a true present for the citizens of the Nagatinsky Zaton district. The ice area is not large but the artificial cover is quite smooth. Since the skating rink is equipped with the state-of-the-art illuminating system, people can use it 24/7.

According to Simon Nizharadze, Chairman of the Board of directors of Solartia Group: “the authorities have welcomed the idea of using alternative technologies: officials of the Nagatinsky Zaton district have quickly issued all necessary permits” (Moskovsky Komsomolets, No 25838 dated January 10, 2012).

“Last six months, we have been conducting research aimed to identify insolation in Moscow. We discovered that it is possible to use solar radiation in the city but it is necessary to use solar panels that operate in low light conditions. This experiment shall give an opportunity to use the experience obtained in other projects”, Simon Nizharadze said.

Interest to solar streetlights can be caused not only due to its ecological properties but also for absence of infrastructure. Solar street lamps can be installed in all places. For example, park areas in the capital snow ski-runs where illumination is not available along their entire length, and finally illumination of facilities located in remote areas, provided that the cable is not required for connection.
Solar Former illumination system installed at the skating rink will shine bright, will not consume electricity and will be available throughout the entire life span of the solar panels. Thus, this new skating rink can be considered as a “green” example of optimization of the street illumination.


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