Solartia Group is a Russian-Spanish engineering company working in the field of renewable energy resources.

Solartia Group is one of the most competent and respected companies in the field of systems design and installation implementing its own projects as well as the projects of third parties. Considering the projects implemented by the company (including ground-mounted systems and rooftop-installed ones) Solartia Group has more than 17-megawatt photovoltaic plants.

Solartia Group occupies leading positions in the market of project management and construction of photovoltaic plants. Solartia Group implements projects and conducts engineering development of solar PV System on a turnkey basis. The company also provides maintenance services and manages operation of photovoltaic plants ensuring their safety.

Solartia Group also works in the field of wind-power engineering. The company installs small wind-power photovoltaic generators, as well as develops large-scale projects. To guarantee optimal productivity and best market price the company conducts individual researches in order to support the solutions offered and utilizes technologies that meet project location’s and customer’s demands.

Solartia Group wind-power engineering department has been established as a separate technical council that deals with any aspects of wind-power systems. The said council acts as a technical consultant for a number of wind-power plants. It renders numerous services concerning the peculiarities of every project.

Solartia Group is growing in an environment characterized by tough consolidation and reliability in an attempt to eventually become a standard in the renewable energy system area.

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