In respect to ecology the development of alternative energy engineering is one of the best modern initiatives at the moment.

Just two decades ago alternative energy engineering was viewed as an attractive but quite distant perspective. Yet humankind was forced to intensify researches made in the sphere of alternative energy sources. Sweeping rise of oil, gas and coal prices, decline of fossil fuel reserves and the threat of ecological disasters forced humankind to reconsider the process of development of alternative energy in a new light.

The goal is to prosper today without affecting tomorrow. How can we keep on with our progress without depleting resources and saturating atmosphere with destructive emissions of greenhouse gases?

People around the globe started to value the capabilities of alternative energy engineering and have come to understanding that along with its development the amount of carbon dioxide emissions will diminish, acid rains and urban smog will disappear and, finally, alternative energy shall find its place in the world's energy system.

A wide variety of natural renewable sources of energy constitutes the core of alternative energy:

Every day the Earth receives incredible amount of solar radiation and that is a free, inexhaustible resource.

For a long time humankind did not pay attention to and was not bothering itself with ideas of solar radiation using. Now, however, with the substantial support of new technological solutions, the industrial application of solar radiation becomes more and more popular and develops with an incredible speed. Active growth of investments into the sector results in considerable cuts of equipment and installation costs.

Many people have already understood the key differences between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, majority of states assumed obligations to fight with greenhouse gas emissions. More and more government decision-makers, state leaders, politicians and businessmen are choosing the renewable energy methods which results in approving of more and more normative acts, adopted in order to foster the changes.


Out of the entire spectrum of alternative energy sources, the scientists are paying special attention to the solar radiation accumulating electromagnetic solar emissions for providing energy.

It can be stated with certainty that today alternative energy engineering is one of the top-priority directions of modernization policy adapted in the leading world economies.


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