PV systems are a core element of solar energy generation. Today state-of-the-art photovoltaic technologies guarantee optimal productive capacity of nonpolluting photovoltaic plants.

Solartia Group has more than 17 megawatt photovoltaic plants, with most significant and sizable photovoltaic park projects situated in Faldes, Sartaguds, Viana and Torres del Rio.

Presently Solartia Group is designing a 10 MW PVPP in the Ukraine, a 100 MW PVPP in Uzbekistan and a 50 MW PVPP in Puerto Rico.

PV systems use photovoltaic panels that convert concentrated solar radiation into electric energy; such photovoltaic panels are deemed to have the best technology on the market. They are installed on a fixed base, elaborated by Solartia Group having unique characteristics of the material strength and considering the safety system for photovoltaic panel installation.

Solartia Group developed PV system control program assures remote monitoring and management of displaying different parameters of photovoltaic plant from the company’s headquarters thus guaranteeing reception of information about current state of the system.

Besides Solartia Group PV plants are equipped with a safety and video monitoring system which uses remotely controlled surveillance cameras and an intruder detection system.

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